Tamsyn Webb has had to grow up fast. The dead walk, and they hunt the living.

One of the few safe places left in England is Gravesend, a small village turned into a fortress. Trapped with hundreds of starving, scared survivors, it’s getting harder to tell who the monsters are – the ones beyond the walls, or those huddled behind them.

When Tamsyn learns of a possible cure for the zombie virus, there’s only one option. She’ll have to jump the wall, with nothing but her bow, a quiver-full of arrows, and the terror in her gut. But even if she gets back to Gravesend in one piece, Tamsyn might just doom them all…

Book 1 of the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles.

“Jason Fischer has embraced the pulp novella, embraced everything about zombie stories and combined them into something equal parts familiar and refreshingly original. If you’re a fan of zombie action, bow-wielding badass heroines and good pulpy fun you should really check out Quiver.” – Alan Baxter, author of Bound.

Cover design by Powdermonkey Design

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