Go to Hell


Even hidden in paradise, Tamsyn’s fate is a dark thread that leads to doom.

When Tamsyn’s past comes knocking, she is forced to leave everything behind. Death and chaos dog her as she returns to the ruins of England on a mission of redemption. Discovering the conspiracy behind the zombie outbreak, Tamsyn learns the bizarre truth about who she really is. As she falls into a strange new responsibility, the zombies become the least of her problems.

Faced with a dangerous new enemy, Tamsyn can only do what she does best – dig in her heels and give ’em hell.

Book 2 of the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles.

“Spanning two post-apocalyptic continents and packed with more walking dead than you can poke a barbed, titanium-tipped arrow at, zombie freaks will find plenty to love in Quiver. Jason Fischer lets his gruesome imagination loose on a world in crisis … the zombies are already here, and they are most definitely winning.” – Kirtyn McDermott, author of Madigan Mine.

“Jason Fischer has embraced the pulp novella, embraced everything about zombie stories and combined them into something equal parts familiar and refreshingly original. If you’re a fan of zombie action, bow-wielding badass heroines and good pulpy fun you should really check out Quiver.” – Alan Baxter, author of Bound.

Cover by Powdermonkey Design

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Distributed in Australia/New Zealand by Novella Distribution.

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