2019 Bundle of DOOM!

Just in time for the holidays, it’s the Argonautica Press 2019 Bundle of DOOM!!

2019 Bundle of Doom
2019 Bundle of Doom

(Yes, we are going to add an exclamation mark every time we type DOOM!!!).

A bundle of all three Argonautica publications! A triptych of Fischer/Franks terror! Our 2019 Bundle of Doom! Zombies, rockstars, and a magic school from hell–to refuse this offer would surely be your DOOM!!!!

This bundle contains three books:

Bloody Waters by Jason Franks

Quiver by Jason Fischer

Shadowmancy by Jason Franks and Nicholas Hunter.

All three books together. The digital bundle is available everywhere; the dead tree and combination are for shipping to Australia only. (If you’re overseas and you really want one, shoot us a message at jasons@argonauticapress.com and we’ll figure something out, but be ready to pay some hefty postage fees).

(If you haven’t already clicked on a link to go to the buy page, you’d best click here or even here: https://argonauticapress.com/?post_type=product&p=2481)

(Bundle of DOOM!!!!!)

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