Cover Reveal – Quiver v2.0!

I am very excited to finally reveal the cover-art for the soon-to-be released update of my novel Quiver. This gorgeous cover was put together by my friend Demi from Demelza Grace Design – not only did she knock this out of the park, she is also the power-house who came up with the Argonautica Press boat logo.

I am truly happy that I get to keep telling this story, and couldn’t be happier with this hot new cover. As for now, I’m working around the clock to finish the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles Book 2 “Go To Hell”, and I hope to get it in front of your eyeballs very soon.

ETA for the new Quiver is June 2019. We shall keep you posted!

Keep on sailing!

Jason Fischer,
Argonautica Press.

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