Free Comic Book Day 2019: Rise of the Skellington

Well folks, you know what today is, don’t ya? It’s the best holiday of the year that isn’t Halloween, that’s what. Today is Free Comic Book Day–can I get a hallelujah and an amen?

Ok ok, enough proselytizing. Shall we get on with the free stuff? You like free, don’t ya?

So here for your delectation and delight is SKELLINGTON #1, containing 34 pages of free comics written by Jasons.

Skellington #1!

The book is composed of four stories:

“The Key in the Wall” is a dark look at a school for the mystical arts, written by Franks and illustrated by Nicholas Hunter. This story is in fact the first chapter of Shadomancy, which is the first original-printing novel coming up on the Argonautica slate. This story was originally supposed to be a serialized comic, and many of Nic’s amazing illustrations will grace the novel’s pages. Nic also did that amazing cover.

Next we have “Harvest”, written by Fischer and illustrated by Jason Paulos (damn straight, another Jason). Jason Paulos original cover artwork for Fischer’s original Quiver novel, and for the issues of After the World magazine in which it was first serialized.

Then back to Franks and Hunter for “Skin”. If you ever wondered what would happen if a skinwalker fought a bunch of vicious Canadian werewolves, this is the story for you. If not, I urge you to at least look at the pictures, because Nic is amazing.

Closing out the book, Jason Fischer and double-threat artist-writer Shauna O’Meara have adapted Banjo Paterson’s classic poem The Geebung Polo Club into the magic of comics, and it’s even beautiful and deranged than you could possibly have hoped.

So where is this magic comic, you ask? It’s right here. Click the button to download the PDF. And please do tell us what you think–if you encourage us we’ll do more issues of Skellington.


NB it’s like 13MB, so eat our heart out!

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