Outland Entertainment Acquires Four Novels from Argonautica Press

Hello readers,

A big news day for us here at the helm of the Argos. Like it says in the headline, Outland Entertainment have acquired all four of our currently available novels (Quiver, Go to Hell, Bloody Waters and Shadowmancy) and they will be publishing and distributing new editions of the books in North America. You can read about it here, on their site: https://outlandentertainment.com/outland-entertainment-acquires-four-novels-from-argonautica-press/

This means a great deal to us. We started this line because we believe in these books and want to see them done right in the market, but it’s hard for a pair of writers based in Australia to take them to the international stage. The lovely folks at Outland are based in the US and have much better reach into the biggest market in the world than we can manage. We are absolutely delighted to be working with them to give the stories the life they deserve. The pair of us have been rowing the Argos as hard as we can, but Outland will put wind in the sails.

The publishing schedule is coming soon, but in the meantime you can be sure we’re holding the oars.


— Franks and Fischer

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