Argonautica Press is pleased to announce the official release of Jason Fischer’s Go to Hell, Volume 2 of the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles.

This is the long-awaited sequel to Quiver, and is a book almost ten years in the making. In Go To Hell, readers will finally rejoin Tamsyn, who is still far from safety. Finally returning to English soil, she finds a disturbing new enemy, a dark force that makes the threat of the old zombie hordes seem like a picnic by the Thames…

Even hidden in paradise, Tamsyn’s fate is a dark thread that leads to doom.

When Tamsyn’s past comes knocking, she is forced to leave everything behind. Death and chaos dog her as she returns to the ruins of England on a mission of redemption. Discovering the conspiracy behind the zombie outbreak, Tamsyn learns the bizarre truth about who she really is. As she falls into a strange new responsibility, the zombies become the least of her problems.

Faced with a dangerous new enemy, Tamsyn can only do what she does best – dig in her heels and give ’em hell.

“This is not your typical zombie novel,” Fischer says. “I delight in doing new and strange things to my favourite sub-genre, and I’ve tried to send characters old and new into worse and worse situations, breaking this world in the most inventive way I could imagine.”

“But as always, Tamsyn struggles through, teeth gritted, half maddened by her ordeals, her continued existence a middle-finger to an invader beyond anything she’s yet faced.”

Go To Hell officially goes on sale on the 1st of June, 2021, and the third volume Dead Last is soon to follow. Details for the official book launch are soon to follow. Pre-orders of this book are now available via this link:

Argonautica Press titles ARE distributed to bookstores in Australia by Novella Distribution. Go to Hell is available in the June 2021 catalogue:

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