Argonautica Press signs agreement with Novella Distribution

Argonautica Press has now signed a deal with Novella Distribution, which will see all backlist and future publications distributed to bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re very excited to become part of the Novella family,” Jason Fischer said. “As a new small press we are dedicated and keen when it comes to producing the work–but getting our titles into bricks-and-mortar stores is beyond the powers of a team of two.”

“Signing with a distributor means that our books are properly accessible to casual browsers, who are unlikely to know about our work unless they’re already part of Australia’s home-grown genre fiction community,” Jason Franks added. “Plus, you know… I’m a hermit. I love ebooks and buying stuff online, but nothing beats going into a bookstore and finding something exciting that you’ve never heard of before.”

This deal looks to put the existing Argonautica titles into bookstores in the second half of 2020. This includes Bloody Waters, Quiver, and Shadowmancy. Their next title will be Jason Fischer’s Go To Hell, a sequel to Quiver, anticipated for release close to Christmas. Blackened Skies, the sequel to Franks’ Bloody Waters, is on the slate for 2021.


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